11 Wedding Reception Tips

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1. Ensure an efficient food service.

Expect your guests to feel hungry as soon as the reception starts. Speed up the process by asking the caterers to set up food tables on both sides—all for faster food distribution.

2. Pre-plan photos.

Picture taking is a tedious task in weddings. It takes many minutes to gather the right friends and relatives for that shot. To speed up the photo sessions, pre-plan all the images needed. You can coordinate this to your photographer and his team or with your wedding event management. Pre-planning is good, but you should also allow impromptu creative compositions.

3. Greet as many guests as possible before and during dinner.

The bride and the groom will be the busiest people at the reception. You should try to thank each and every one individually. As much as possible, do it table for table, while they are eating dinner.

4. Give your vendors specific instructions.

Great communication is key to ensure that your wedding vision will be accurately translated to reality. Make sure to give your vendors and suppliers detailed and accurate instructions. The clearer the directions, the more they can deliver their promises.

5. Be accessible on your wedding day.

You’ll never know when your videographer, DJ and photographer would need you. You may be busy with your own personal matters, but see to it that these people can reach you through your mobile number.

6. Seat older guests further from the music.

Of course, the closer the person is to the speaker, the louder it would be for you. Be courteous enough to distance your elder guests from these speakers. Surely, they would appreciate your thoughtfulness.

7. Make your bridal party aware of “the program.”

It would be great if you let each member of your bridal party know about your program. Remember, if some of them are late, most likely, the entire celebration would be delayed. If they are needed in a specific place to do a particular task, let them know ahead of time.

8. Don’t micro-manage your reception.

Of course, you would want everything to be perfect and smooth sailing. However, you should also allow the celebration to develop and blossom on its own. Don’t rush things. Just be in the moment. Trust each and every person you hired to handle the most crucial wedding matters efficiently.

9. Give toasts and speeches before dinner.

Get your guests’ full attention in the most important moments. The best way to do this? Give toasts and speeches before dinner. The bride’s father traditionally speaks first, followed by all the other parents.

10. Don’t be afraid to call it a night.

The wedding reception, no matter how great and fun it is, has to end. You can ask your friends to party all night long, but surely, most of your guests would feel tired in an average of 3 hours. If you think that most of your wedding attendees simply had enough fun, then, you can end the party.

11. Finalize end-of-the-night tasks ahead of time.

You and your groom will definitely be very tired by the end of the party. If possible, ask your family members and friends to take responsibility for transporting gifts and taking some items home. Assign certain people to clean up the hall ahead of time.

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