3 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Integrating Your Instagram Account into Your Web Design

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So, you build a website for your company in the hopes of increasing sales. Even though you have a lot of great offerings; some probably even better than competitors, people still do not know anything about your company (this is especially true if your company is still a startup).

However, that can be rectified by also incorporating your Instagram account into your web design. Here are some top reasons why you should, this is based on the online marketing agency:

  1. It Helps Create Brand Awareness

Instagram is a platform wherein you can upload pictures and videos as you please. Creating an account solely for your business is a good step since it has a massive following and a rather young user base as well.

Companies are leveraging this because they know that they can reach out to a much broader audience using the medium rather than relying on conventional means of advertisement like using print ads, for example.

Also, if you put a link on your website that will redirect them to your Instagram account, users will know what you’re offering and what your company is all about, all in graphical form.

This is a great avenue for you to entice people to buy your products as they do not need to read huge chunks of boring text.

  1. It Breeds Credibility and Trust

Back in the day, we always rely on the “About” page of our websites so that people would know what we have to offer and our humble beginnings. Although using that as a platform to express yourself is still acceptable today, adding Instagram into the mix breeds more trust and credibility on your part.

Instagram allows your followers to add comments and to express themselves if ever they bought something from you.

Adding pictures about the different products or services that you offer also improves client conversion because they will be thinking of having some of what you sell.

  1. You Can Interact with Your Clients

The best thing about social media is that it is a way for companies to interact with their clientele in a more effective way. Yeah, you can implement a “contact us” button on your website, but they most likely want to use social media as their platform of choice if they ever want to contact you.

Also, you can use certain hashtags to help promote your brand. Some tips I can recommend when using such are:

  • Use specific hashtags that either talk about the product or highlight your company name or both. For instance, you could try something like #EcstaticPerformanceShoes2018
  • You can utilize hashtags as a brand promotion. For example, you post a promo wherein they buy your products first, upload a picture on Instagram, and by using the hashtag, they will automatically get qualified for the draw. This is a great way for you to entice people to buy what you’re offering.


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today. It would be wise to use the platform to help build your website and company from the ground up.

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