4 Things You Need to Know About Stock Brokerage Alerts

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When you’ve registered a brokerage account on your favorite stockbroker firm or any selected brokerage firms, they will give you some extra perks to help you with stock market trading. Aside from the tools and education that you need to prior in making your first trade, you will also be given daily alerts that will help you know more about what happened in the last trading day.

For instance, if you went to an American Stockbroker, you will be given alerts early in the morning so you can read them before the stock exchange opens.

But, as we all know, there are things in life that will not be 100% accurate and they will not be delivered on time due to some unforeseen factors.

These and other things will be discussed in today’s article. Here are the 5 things you need to know about stock brokerage alerts:

1.Alert Publication

Most if, not all, stock brokerage firms give you some news about the happenings of the last trading day. This is to give you accurate information about the stocks that you could buy or sell depending on the latest movement.

Now, the delivery of these data is usually early in the morning as the employees of the firm will read, analyze, and present it to you in easily digestible facts.

However, there are occasions where the information will not be delivered to you before the stock exchange opens the next day.

Some of the reasons why include the data of the last movements in the market are hard to analyze, some employees might not be present, or there really is nothing significant to report.


Usually, stock brokerage firms will give you an email to notify you if new information is on their website.

However, because of the algorithms that govern how emails work, sometimes, the notification will be deemed as “Spam” and you have to go to the appropriate folder to find it.

You could whitelist the email address of the firm so that future messages will not end up in the Spam folder to keep you updated regularly.

3.Intra-Day Alerts

You can also opt to get intra-day alerts if you want. However, please note that getting intra-day alerts will entirely depend if there is a major movement in the market that happened during the trading day.

If in the event that you did not receive any of such alerts, that just means that there are no significant changes and, therefore, there is nothing to report.

4.Set Realistic Expectations

Do note that the stock market is quite volatile in that once you receive intra-day reports, there could be changes that happen during the time that you’ve received the report.

It is not the fault of the stock brokerage firm; it just happens sometimes and you have to set your expectations low so as to not get disappointed.


Stock brokerage firms give you plenty of things- one of which is giving you alerts so that you can make timely trades. Be sure to check your email and your firm’s website for more information regarding the last trading day. Also, if you’ve subscribed to their intra-day alerts, take note that you might not receive one anytime during the day, probably due to no movement in the marketplace.

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