6 Easy to Follow Planning Tips to Make Your Events Stand Out

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If I were to ask you what an “event” is, you’re probably going to give me an answer that  is too bogged down on the event planning and organizing.

However, let’s not forget what the true value of an event is. To me, an event is actually a gathering that has a purpose and that will ultimately bring value to the guests or audience who are going to such occasions.

That being said, how do you increase the value of your next events? Well, here are some easy to follow planning tips to help you make your next events stand out:

1. Make Sure to Get a Highly Accessible Venue

You probably know by now the importance of the venue, right? It is going to be the place where everything happens.

Now, you might think that getting the best venue in terms of ambiance and aesthetics would be the go-to choice, right? Wrong! Or more accurately speaking, not necessarily.

You see, even if you get a place with all the sights and sounds that you thought would be nice, it will not really be noticed if the guests are going to have to jump through hoops just to get there.

For instance, if you’ve reserved a place which takes 2-3 hours to get to, then that will not bode well for your guests. You have to just get a venue that is readily accessible and it is beautiful at the same time.

2. Cater to the Needs of Your Guests

As mentioned earlier, you want your event to provide some value to your guests. You can do that by catering to their needs. Make sure to get some meals and drinks ready so that you can feed them when they arrive.

Furthermore, provide entertainment between the different sessions of the occasion. So for example, if you have two speakers, have an intermission number after the first speaker so that your audience will not get bored.

3. Hire People Who Know Their Craft

When you’re going to hire some speakers, make sure that you get ones that are knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

Usually, when they know their craft really well, they can engage the audience in a way that will captivate them, thus making them pay more attention to what they have to say.

4. Use Social Media to Gain Ideas

Social media is a blessing, especially for event planners. If you run out of ideas, you can actually ask a few questions using the online platform. You can either do this by handing out surveys or by creating online polls.

5. Allow Guests to Add Something

Also, with the use of social media, allow guests to add something to the event. What I mean is if you’re going to host a convention and you’re going to hire some prominent speakers, allow them to ask questions by putting them in the comment section of your events page.

Doing so will allow for more interactivity and when there is guest engagement involved, your event will be livelier than ever!

6. Add Social Proof

If this isn’t your first event, add some social proof to your events page. What I mean is that you add relevant pictures and videos that speak a little bit about the upcoming occasion so that people would know that you’ve done something similar before and they’re likely to go to the event if you do so.


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