As a physical trainer and a fitness coach, I design programs that hit the entire body. All
a person really needs is motivation to go to the gym and follow my programs to the tee.

However, despite the fact that you are not near my area, the exercises that I am going
to be talking about today can be followed by just about anyone. And you might want to
do so because I am going to share some evidence-based exercises that can help
improve your sexual prowess. By doing these exercises, you will no doubt transform
into a sexual beast.

But, always keep in mind that regular exercise is just one part of the equation. Good
overall health would require you to eat the right foods and take the right supplements for
men to ensure that you are getting adequate nutrition that your body needs for optimal
growth and development.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some ‘sexercises’ that are sure to improve your
sexual prowess:

Hinge Bow

For a man to improve his sexual performance, he must start strengthening his lower
body since these are the muscles that are typically used during sex.

It is vital that you start strengthening your leg muscles, as well as your lower back for
maximum support and stability. Strengthening both of them can also improve your
thrusting performance as well.

One of the most effective exercises that can hit two birds with one stone (your lower
back and leg muscles) is the Hinge Bow. It works the quads and some of your lower
back as well.

Lying Gluteal Bridge

The idea of improving your sexual endurance is to strengthen the muscles that are
actually used during coitus. This is to ensure that when you need them, they won’t tap
out sooner than you think.

Anyway, I find the lying gluteal bridge to be effective in strengthening your glutes and
hamstrings. These muscles are used whenever your girl decides to stay on top of you or
anything that would put your body in a lying state.

Crossover Stretch

For men to enjoy sex and to allow their bodies to do multiple sex positions, the
crossover stretch is definitely one exercise that you should do.

This particular exercise ensures that you get power and flexibility down there so that
you can last for an extended period of time.


When performed correctly, this exercise not only hits a lot of muscle groups per
repetition, but it can also specifically target the lower back and legs as well.


Another great compound exercise, the squat can target your glutes, hamstrings, and
your leg muscles which are very important in some sex positions.

Bench Press

Aside from the fact that it can help build your pecs, the bench press is something that
you want to do to improve your pushing power. In other words, this can help build your
upper body strength.