Things You Should Know About Caviar

How did you have eaten caviar for the first time? You heard so much about it, this mysterious luxury: the small black pears in flavor and texture so exquisite that people paid for a dollop only through their noses. You tried it, first. Now. So it had been there: salty so fishy, black mound with an acidic fluffy spread on a little crispy pancake.

You thought it was you, is it? Certainly, few people fall on their first morsel for caviar. The second, third and fourth bites are required in order to get it. And it’s like, Woah, where my entire life was! We asked Alexandre Petrusian from Petrus and the grandfather of one of the first people to carry caviar to France and America to teach us more about wonderful fish eggs. Perhaps you should try to buy online organic food?

The best snacks

Caviar had been appealing to kings and royalty before raw oysters, before Champagne, and prior to truffles. New Greeks and Romans were well-known to splurge on caviar, as well as Russian tsars.

It is not that expensive

All right, it certainly isn’t cheap. In recent years the caviar prices have declined, as aquaculture development , especially in Germany, has increased the abundance and affordability of farmed sturgeon. Coincidentally, in the early 19th century, when sturgeon lake was discovered here to be plentiful, the US was also blamed for a drastic price decline.

Salmon roe is not caviar

The Russian and Persian fishermen in the Caspian Sea initially gathered caviar. Unfertilized salt-cured fish eggs of numerous sturgeon species, including Ossetia, Sevruga and Beluga, are used. About 26 sturgeon species are used for caviar.

Assessed by the colour, taste, quality and maturity

The most expensive, pricey caviars are aged, lighter-colored chickens. Higher caviar consistency is younger in color and has a less strong taste. It’s also a positive thing for newbies that continue with simpler, milder issues most definitely.

Could last long

Because caviar is technically cured, even after opening caviar has a decent shelf-life. Hold it as near as possible to the freezer and it will remain fresh for a month in the coldest portion of your fridge.

It just like wine

Caviar junkies and VIPs should search for the rarest and most expensive reserve caviar of all. Many countries in the Middle Ages had rules that demanded the finest caviar for the throne. The caviar reserve is the caviar.