How to Review Your Website

How to Review Your Website

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SEO Marketing 101: How to Review Your Website’s SEO Performance

Do you want to improve your personal blog or business website? Then, you should make adjustments to your SEO strategy. To help you accomplish the best results possible, you need to to review the trends that can positively impact your SEO performance.


How to Review Your Website

SEO metrics will change once in a awhile. You are bound to see fluctuations from time to time in your indexed webpages, keyword positions and inbound links.

This is perfectly normal, since search engines recrawl webpages, remove and add pages, update indexes and change algorithms. Fluctuations are not causes for concern, unless negative trends prevail.

Negative Trends

Are you noticing a significant drop in web traffic referrals? Below are possible reasons.

  1. The website has suffered from a penalty. Check if it violated any search engine guidelines. Use reliable webmaster tools for notices and warnings.
  2. You might have accidentally blocked access  to its crawler.
  3. The search engine has modified its ranking algorithm, and obviously, the update is not in your favor. This happens when search engines devalue certain links leading to the website. Look into what seo specialist in Malaysia found out about recent updates. Research more to learn about future strategic actions.
  4. Check on your competitors. It’s possible that competition has overtaken your positions.

How to Review Your WebsitePositive Trends

Search engine optimization can be successful when certain positive trends beat negative trends. This happens when your SEO traffic and website positions increase over time. Take note that this process can take time. It will be very unrealistic to expect immediate and positive SEO results.

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