In the last two years, COVID19 has impacted the world in many different ways. For most people, the main concern is not just about their overall well being (which includes both physical and mental health) anymore. Many people are struggling from a financial standpoint, especially with the unemployment rate increasing all around the world. Therefore, people are equipping themselves to be employed by learning new skills. If you consider yourself to be in that category and wondering what new skills you should pick up, here are a few jobs that are in demand for the next 5 to 10 years.

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Health home aide

A health home aide’s primary responsibilities include assisting clients with daily tasks in their homes. The majority of health home aides assist elderly patients or those who are unable to care for themselves. Health home aides also provide basic health care such as checking vital signs and providing medication to patients. They usually work closely with nurses, certified nursing assistants, nursing aides and other in-home care professionals. There is no formal education required for this job. A health home aide should be able to work with little or no direct supervision, able to follow verbal and written instructions, and preferably have their own transport.

Registered nurse 

Registered nurses have been in great demand for a few years, and this job offers plenty of prospects for promotion. The primary responsibilities of a registered nurse include medication administration, conducting diagnostic tests, coordinating with other healthcare professionals for efficient patient care. To become a registered nurse, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is required. 

Financial advisor

Financial advisors are growing in popularity in recent years. This is because they assist people to manage their money and prevent financial disasters. They also provide guidance on topics such as saving, investing, paying for college, purchasing a home, retirement, and even death planning. Some of the main responsibilities of a financial advisor include speaking with clients to discover their financial goals and expenses so that a financial plan may be developed, providing investment strategy advice to clients, and having good communication with clients on a regular basis to keep them up to date on their financial situation. To work as a financial advisor, a bachelor’s degree should suffice. 

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Web developer/designer

Web developers or web designers are people who design easy-to-navigate web pages for clients using computer languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as perform upkeep on existing ones. The following are some of a web developer’s specific responsibilities: updating websites, creating web testing routines for various types of browsers and devices, maintaining proper knowledge of new Web applications and programming while designing, publishing, or revising website content. As a web developer, they also have to look after the technical parts such as optimization, content creation, and making sure that the website serves a functional purpose. Besides that, they are also in charge of the user’s experience and engagement. In order to become a web developer/designer, an associate’s degree in web development, malaysia website design, programming, or another related discipline is required. Skills such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL knowledge are all required.