Do you love buying baby milk bottles in Malaysia for your newborn? Well, you will only need those baby bottles only for a short period of time, because babies grow up fast. Soon, your newborn will be a toddler. But really, how will you know if it’s time to shift between these similar terms? What exactly is the difference between infants, babies, newborns and toddlers

Babies, Newborns and Infants

The terms “infant,” “newborn,” and “baby” are used synonymously most of the time. The difference between these three would depend on the person you would consult. 

  • Newborn typically pertains to a baby from birth to around 2 months. 
  • Infants are regarded as kids anywhere from birth to a year old. 
  • Baby is usually used to pertain to any kid from birth to 4 years old, therefore encompassing infants, newborns and toddlers.

Between birth to one year, babies develop and grow at a rapid pace. They learn to sit up, clap, wave, craw, pick up objects, babble, roll over and speak a few words. At this point, they will start to deliver trust with their parents and caregivers.

Babies enjoy movement, simple games and music. This is the perfect time to start playing peek-a-book. At the end of this stage, several babies are already walking around, and standing up.


A toddler is a kid who is just learning how to walk. Usually, this is around a year of age. Toddlers are oftentimes regarded as kids that range from 1 year old to 4 years old. Many people would say that the end of the toddler stage is around the time a kid is prepared to move to preschool.

As your little ones move into their second year, they become even more independent and mobile, exploring each aspect as they move along. Almost all children are already walking at around 18 months. They are also learning how to talk, imitate other people, identify faces, and follow basic instructions.

As they get older, they get to express more of their emotions. Expect them to enjoy singing songs, play simple games, and start learning the alphabet, shapes and colors.