Things You Need to Know About Email, Mail Servers, and Webmail

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Emails have become so important to our lives that it has become mandatory that every website has this. The good thing is that top web hosting companies usually give you the freedom of having your own email platform directly on your webpage.

That being said, what are the things that you need to know about email, as well as mail servers and webmail? Read on to find out.

Email Basics

As you already know by now, an email is usually denoted by this example:
The things that are written before the ‘@’ symbol represents the local name and the things that are written after it represents the domain.

If you are running a business platform, it is always a bad practice to not have your own domain. For instance, if your email address is something like, that will signify that you are not professional enough and that you do not have a domain of your own. In other words, you can be seen as an amateur in this regard.

This can also be true for non-profit organizations as well. If you are running one, it is best that you create a separate email account solely for the organization’s purposes and you do not mix it with your personal account.

If you do not do this, there will be legal and ethical implications and you will have to undergo a laundry list of things just to get by (which, believe me, is something that you do not want to do).

Email Clients and Servers

Much like web hosting, emails should be run on a server and accessed by a client. An email server is pretty much software that is run on a particular server computer which has constant access to the internet. Its purpose is to process any emails that it received and it will do the things that are required of it (such as sending it to a particular client, among many others).

An email client is just an application that is used to access and, therefore, view the email. This can be anything from a mobile application, a web application, or a dedicated software on your computer. It also houses all of the messages that are sent to you. Think of this as your virtual mailbox.

Microsoft Outlook seems to be the most common email client application out there that is used by millions of people all over the world.


There are two known email protocols: POP and IMAP. POP is an acronym that refers to Post Office Protocol and you will usually see this as POP3 since it is already in its third version.

IMAP is an acronym that stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and it is the one that is commonly used in this day and age.


For the most part, any email can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook and other similar applications. However, there are some hosting companies that will give you a dedicated webmail application for use on your own webpage.

All you have to do to access the emails that are sent to you is to log in to your hosting account and going to the webmail interface on your host’s console.

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