07 Jul 2021
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Top 2 Mind-Blowing Games For The Bored Souls

During the Movement Control Order (MCO) where our movements are limited in order to help the curb of the COVID-19 from spreading. People were forced to work from home, which means that we are spending all of our time inside our home every single day. This is the worst for the social butterflies as they can no longer get out from their house and hang out with their friends. However, it is the exact opposite for the introverts and homebodies who love hibernating in the comfort of their home and find socialising to be a hassle. Hence, it might be great if we sympathise a bit more towards the introverts who are easily bored and cannot sit still in the same spot for a few minutes. It is not surprising that people started picking up new hobbies at this time in order to kill some time. Some started online gambling through online casino malaysia while some ladies entered their kitchen for the first time in months to try some new recipes. More than that, people really enjoy online gaming where they can play games all day.

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Since the usual games are too mainstream, let’s have a look at the top 2 mind-blowing games you can try if you are bored at home.

Nier: Automata

This particular game is worth trying as this action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames is a major hit in 2017. Published by Square Enix which is well-known for their games like Marvel’s Avengers and Final Fantasy, their release of Nier:Automata received good feedback from the players. Honestly, it is hard to not enjoy this phenomenal game especially if you are a fan of games with great narrative and out-of-the-box world building. Of course people play games with gameplay features that are easy to handle and challenging quests throughout the game. Besides that, you can enjoy the narrative that tells the story of androids fighting a war for survival believing that their purpose of existence is to serve humans. The plot evolves in a very engaging manner as you play the games more to the point that you can’t wait to see what happens to the game characters. This makes the story feel more real as you can relate to their progress in the plot. Another interesting part of this game is that there are more than one endings where it depends on your gaming progress. You could end up with different endings if you play the game another round.

Assassin’s Creed

Another game with a mind-blowing plot is Assassin’s Creed. The series have been super popular among avid gamers as the series continue to be released every few years. The first installment in the series is Assassin’s Creed in November 2017 and the latest series called Assassin’s Creed: Halvalla was released only last year. Ubisoft did great in publishing this series as it became the favorite action role-playing  video game of all time. Personally, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the best installment in the series from the company as it revolves around the legendary fictional character in the game, Ezio Auditore. This Italian badass is definitely the coolest assassin in the whole series. He is an interesting protagonist that makes you attracted to know all about his life story provided throughout the game.

Last Words

In conclusion, these are a few of the action role-playing video games that will take  a lot of your time with the challenging gameplay and jaw-dropping narrative. However, it is worth trying especially if you are bored enough during the MCO. There’s nothing for you to lose, just have fun! 

06 Jul 2021
fresh local vegetables online Malaysia

Why Choose Local Vegetables

Vegetables are one of the sources of nutrients for our body so we have to find the best vegetables to support our growth and immune system. There are various types of vegetables you can get. Various colours, taste and texture.

fresh local vegetables online Malaysia

But have you ever wondered where your greens come from? Is it hygienic? Is it fresh? Where does the water used to water your vegetables come from?

These are the questions that you should ask and know the answer because you are the one who is going to consume all the products. And that is also why you should always choose products from local farmers.

Cut Cost and Less Time Consuming

Buying local vegetables will cut costs in terms of the price because usually, locally planted veggies are way cheaper than the ones you get from the grocery stores. Also, you have the option to buy it online. Search for nearest fresh local vegetables online Malaysia and it will lead you to lots of online grocery stores that provide delivery services. This will also save your travel cost and time consumption from going to the grocery store especially for those who live far away from the stores.

Supporting The Economic Growth of Society

Buying local vegetables will support the economic growth of the society because it is from society to society. It does not involve any big grocery stores that will end up making you pay more for something that you can get at a better price. The more local vegetables you buy, the better it is for the growth of the farmer which at the same time will benefit you as you will get frequent supply of fresh veggies!

Fresh Product

Why is it fresh? Are the ones you got from the grocery store not fresh?

That is not it but if you buy from local farmers, you will reduce the time taken before consumption. The vegetables usually take a day or two after harvested before being sold at the grocery stores. Local vegetables are usually sold right after it has been harvested which shows that it is way fresher than the grocery stores’ veggies.

Better nutrition

Why do local vegetables have better nutrition? It is because local farmers usually won’t use any pesticides, wax or any kind of processed nutrients to grow their vegetables. This is because everything is fresh from the farm. This is also because local vegetables are planted and harvested locally so they don’t need to travel for a long time. It is basically straight from the farm to your table.


Good For Environment

As mentioned above, local farmers rarely use pesticides, wax or processed nutrients. Usually, farmers will flow the water to the nearest river or lake. Pesticides are usually sprayed on the plants and soil and it flows to the nearest water source so without using pesticides it will actually help to conserve the environment.

There are actually a lot more benefits that we can get from buying local vegetables especially for the local community. Now that you know how beneficial it is when buying local vegetables, make the right choice to help the sustainability of the environment.


02 Jul 2021
malaysia website design

Jobs In Demand for The Next 10 Years

In the last two years, COVID19 has impacted the world in many different ways. For most people, the main concern is not just about their overall well being (which includes both physical and mental health) anymore. Many people are struggling from a financial standpoint, especially with the unemployment rate increasing all around the world. Therefore, people are equipping themselves to be employed by learning new skills. If you consider yourself to be in that category and wondering what new skills you should pick up, here are a few jobs that are in demand for the next 5 to 10 years.

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Health home aide

A health home aide’s primary responsibilities include assisting clients with daily tasks in their homes. The majority of health home aides assist elderly patients or those who are unable to care for themselves. Health home aides also provide basic health care such as checking vital signs and providing medication to patients. They usually work closely with nurses, certified nursing assistants, nursing aides and other in-home care professionals. There is no formal education required for this job. A health home aide should be able to work with little or no direct supervision, able to follow verbal and written instructions, and preferably have their own transport.

Registered nurse 

Registered nurses have been in great demand for a few years, and this job offers plenty of prospects for promotion. The primary responsibilities of a registered nurse include medication administration, conducting diagnostic tests, coordinating with other healthcare professionals for efficient patient care. To become a registered nurse, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is required. 

Financial advisor

Financial advisors are growing in popularity in recent years. This is because they assist people to manage their money and prevent financial disasters. They also provide guidance on topics such as saving, investing, paying for college, purchasing a home, retirement, and even death planning. Some of the main responsibilities of a financial advisor include speaking with clients to discover their financial goals and expenses so that a financial plan may be developed, providing investment strategy advice to clients, and having good communication with clients on a regular basis to keep them up to date on their financial situation. To work as a financial advisor, a bachelor’s degree should suffice. 

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Web developer/designer

Web developers or web designers are people who design easy-to-navigate web pages for clients using computer languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as perform upkeep on existing ones. The following are some of a web developer’s specific responsibilities: updating websites, creating web testing routines for various types of browsers and devices, maintaining proper knowledge of new Web applications and programming while designing, publishing, or revising website content. As a web developer, they also have to look after the technical parts such as optimization, content creation, and making sure that the website serves a functional purpose. Besides that, they are also in charge of the user’s experience and engagement. In order to become a web developer/designer, an associate’s degree in web development, malaysia website design, programming, or another related discipline is required. Skills such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL knowledge are all required.

12 Jun 2021

How To Plan Out Your Dream House

Almost everyone has an image of what their dream house looks like and they work hard on a daily basis trying to make that come true. Building your dream house, especially when you are personally involved, can give you a very satisfying feeling by the end of the process. You would feel proud of yourself for coming this far and being able to be involved in building your dream house. Some people would even call it their “forever house”. I find that beautiful. I too want to be able to build a home that I will grow old in. It’s nice to imagine that it will be a home for generations. Some people have worked on a daily basis to earn enough money to build their own home. So, if you’ve saved up enough, let’s see how you can make that dream happen. 

Set A Budget

If you have not saved up, here is an idea of what you have to pay for. Even if you have saved up, you still have to set a budget so that you do not overspend on parts that you should not overspend on. There are several parts of building up a home that you have to set a budget for. You need to survey a few architecture firms and see how much they charge for the construction of a house. Once you’ve surveyed and seen what each firm can do, choose the best one that suits what you want and set aside the money for that. After that, consider the size of your building and the materials needed to build that. Other than that, after building the house, you would have to spend on the stuff that you want to put in that house like furniture, decor and other things you would want for your dream home. 

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Hire A Construction Team

Remember how I mentioned that you would have to hire an architecture firm? Well, that will be your construction team. Set aside a bigger budget for this so that you get to hire a team that can make your dreams come true. Hiring a good team is important so that you will get the best services. For instance, a good architecture firm will consult and discuss with you what is necessary for your home and they would not try to persuade you into getting something unnecessary.

Choose A Model

After hiring a team, discuss with them what you envision and they should be able to come up with sketches of what your house would look like on the inside and out. Once they have shown you sketchings of what you have described, you can further discuss or make some changes if needed. This will ensure that you will be satisfied with the final result.

Pick Out Materials

Last but not least, picking out materials. There are a lot of aspects of building a house that will require you to decide on what materials to use. The architecture firm that you hired should be able to give you options as well as explain each material and its pricing to you. For instance, deciding to get a metal roof installation can result in a longer-lasting roof but could cost a bit more.